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Prana & Deep Relaxation

$30 per classFrom $30 per visit with Prana & Deep Relaxation Workshop passNo purchase required to enroll
Originally from New Jersey Michael Mueller has been a spiritual journey since 2008. Growing up energeticly sensitive to the world he struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety, self loathing, and co dependency. After failed attempts through CBT and western medications Mike discovered breath work and hypnosis as a healing modality. He found it as an empowering path to utilize his sensitivety as gift instead of weakness. Breakwork helped Mike release suppressed emotions, reset the nervous system and gain insight from his higher self as well as feel his own energy and know what was his and what was not. In Mike's workshops you can expect to leave with a deeper spriritual and energetic self connection. Mike currently resides in Santa Monica California and studies at Hypnosis Motivation in Tarzanna, California.